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Landed into QuickBooks fatal error and can’t come up with an ideal solution? Well, if that is the case, there is no need to waste your time in experimenting, simply go through this segment and implement the below stated set of steps and procedures to successfully tackle through the QuickBooks fatal error. You might come across fatal error when trying to open QuickBooks accounting software. When such error appears, you might not be able to work on QuickBooks or the software might not open. There can be a handful of factors triggering such an error, which we have tried to jot down in this segment.

QuickBooks Fatal Error - Screenshot

You can get a better grip on to such an error by going through this segment with full concentration. Or connect with our tech geeks and ask our professionals to fix the QuickBooks desktop fatal error glitch permanently for you. Use our dedicated helpline and leave the rest our tech professionals.

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What instigates QuickBooks fatal error?

As we mentioned earlier, there can be a handful of factors triggering the QuickBooks fatal error. Here is a list of some of the most common factors causing the error for you. Let us have a look:

  • One of the most basic factors causing fatal error can be damaged QuickBooks point of sale installation file
  • Another factor that might trigger this issue can be low system or network resources
  • You might face similar issue in case of any damage to the company data file
  • If there is any sort of damage in windows installer file

Measures you need to take to fix QuickBooks fatal error

Now that you have explored the factors causing the QuickBooks fatal error, it is the right time to implement the below stated set of steps, so as to fix the issue successfully. Let us explore each of the methods one by one:

Technique 1: Suppress QuickBooks desktop when opening the company file

  • Well, in this process you would have to choose the company file you wish to from no company open window
no company open message - screenshot
  • Furthermore, press Alt key and hit open tab
  • You now have to release the alt key
  • And enter the username and password, only when asked
  • Avoid releasing the Alt key, if you aren’t prompted to add the user name and password
  • Now hit ok tab
  • Continue pressing alt tab till your file is open
  • QuickBooks will display a blank screen, your company file is completely open, only if you are able to highlight a QuickBooks menu by just hovering the pointer to it.

Technique 2: Copy the company file to a different location

QBTest folder in QUickBooks - Screenshot
  • Herein, you simply need to right click on the desktop
  • Furthermore, choose new and click on the folder
  • Heading forward, you need to name the folder QBTEST
  • Moreover, open the folder having the company file
  • Right click the company file
  • Choose copy option
  • Along with that paste the company file in the QBTEST folder that you created
  • From the QBTEST folder, you need to open the company files

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Technique 3: Creating a new windows admin

Add New Windows Admin User in Windows 10 - Screenshot

Windows 10

  • You need to click on Start tab and choose settings option
  • Furthermore, choose accounts
  • Click on family and other users
  • Moreover, choose add someone else to this PC, under other users
  • Go for I don’t have this person’s sign in information
  • Click on add a user without a Microsoft account
  • Type name of the new account and hit finish tab
  • Click on newly created account and click on account type
  • Choose admin and hit ok

Windows 8.1

  • Hit windows + R tab and open run
  • Furthermore, enter in control panel and hit ok tab
  • You now have to click on user accounts
  • Choose manage another account
  • Opt for other accounts and click on add an account
  • You further have to click on sign in without a Microsoft account
  • Choose a local account
  • You need to enter the username, password and password hit and also click on next
  • The screen will return to manage other accounts
  • Go for newly created account and also click on edit tab
  • By default, the user is set to the standard user
  • You need to click on drop-down menu and also choose admin tab
  • Hit ok tab

Windows 8.1, 8, 7, and Vista

  • You need to press Windows + R to open run
  • Enter in control panel and hit ok tab
  • Click on user accounts
  • And also choose manage another account
  • Click on create a new account
  • Moreover, type in the name of the new account
  • Choose the admin and also click to create account

Technique 4: Update QuickBooks desktop point of sale using external patch

  • This process requires you to follow the link and download the latest patch to update QuickBooks POS
  • You then have to press ctrl + Alt + del keys and choose task manager
  • Moving ahead, you are supposed to locate QBPOSShell.exe, QBPOSDBService.exe, and qbpos.exe under the process tab
  • Right click each process and choose end task
end QuickBooks processes-screenshot
  • Hit yes for the confirmation
  • After all the process ends, you are suggested to press Windows + R keys and type services.msc in run window’s text box
Type services.msc in Run Box - Screenshot
  • Hit ok tab to find QBPOS database manager service
  • Moreover, right click the service and choose stop
  • Head to C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of Sale XX\UPDATE and hit ctrl + A keys to choose all the files in the folder
  • Press delete and hit yes tab
  • Try to install POS.

Technique 5: Clean installation of QuickBooks POS

Clean Install Utility - Screenshot
  • You simply have to uninstall QuickBooks POS from the add or remove programs under the control panel in order to clean installation of your QuickBooks desktop
  • Furthermore, download and updated POS installation file from the link
  • Moreover, double click the installation file from the downloads to start the installation
  • Pay heed to the on-screen prompts and complete the installation
  • Open QuickBooks POS after installation.

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Rectifying QuickBooks desktop fatal error isn’t a tough nut to crack, especially when you are briefed with the information and measures discussed in above. In the event of facing the same issue even after performing the said steps, ascertain to connect with some professionals, to avoid any further mess. You can simply connect with our QuickBooks technical support geeks at our helpline i.e., 1-844-521-0490, and ask them about the most practicable solution.


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